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Registration: R$ 650.00
Theoretical: R$ 4650.00
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Type: FLW Course

DBS is about

discipleship through the word of God.

Imagine acquiring powerful tools that will enable you to study the Bible effectively for the rest of your life. Our school is designed to equip you with the essential skills to delve into the Scriptures, understand their depth, and apply their teachings to your spiritual journey.

We challenge you to revolutionize your understanding of the Bible. Our approach goes beyond the conventional, unveiling historical contexts, exploring literary styles and revealing the profound truths that the Bible contains. Allow yourself to be enlightened by the spiritual richness and theological messages present on each page.


our goal

At Discipleship Bible School, our goal is to offer a unique and interactive approach to experiencing the Bible. Here are the key points that underscore our purpose:

1. Diverse and Interactive Biblical Experience

  • Explore the Bible in diverse and engaging ways.

  • Participate in enriching studies, reflections and discussions.

  • Interact with your team and classmates to gain new perspectives.

2. Worship of God in Spirit and Truth

  • Learn to worship God in an authentic and inspiring way.

  • Discover how the Holy Spirit can illuminate your understanding of Scripture.

3. Deepen the Understanding of the Biblical Narrative

  • Gain a global perspective on the story of the Bible.

  • Contemplate the narrative of God's Redeeming Plan from a panoramic view.

  • Explore the connections and underlying purposes that run throughout Scripture.



Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament? Or what is God's heart regarding important topics like justice and freedom? Do you feel like you only know a few Bible stories but want more? At Discipleship Bible School, you will have the opportunity to explore a complete overview of the Bible, understand its personal meaning, and be transformed by God's living Word! International Bible teachers will educate you on the historical context to understand the background of each book: the author, the reading public, and the circumstances of the time. This will give you a solid foundation for diving into the depths of the Bible for yourself!

Uncover the historical context, but also learn to apply timeless Biblical Principles to your own life. Each week of the course focuses on a different period and follows a chronological sequence, from the creation of the world to the revelation of Jesus at the second coming, as described by John.

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Small groups

In addition studying and reading the bible, you will have the chance to explore it together with a group of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Let yourself be inspired by new revelations coming from perspectives other than your own.

Pessoas estudando a biblia


This course is designed to teach you how to process God's Word so you can apply it to your own life!

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