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School of Biblical Studies
(Escola de Estudos Biblicos)


February 18th to December 19th, 2024


Registration: R$ 500.00
Theoretical: R$ 1350.00
per month 


Have successfully completed the DTS.


Type: FLW Course

EEB | School of Biblical Studies (Escola de Estudos Biblicos)

We firmly believe that the Bible is not just a book, but a divine lamp, illuminating our steps and guiding our path (Psalm 119,105). As Christians, we are fully convinced that it is God's direct revelation to humanity, full of inspiration and wisdom.

Why dive into reading and studying the Bible? Because it is through it that we can know God in his fullness. At YWAM, we understand that this deep search for divine understanding is essential. By studying God's Word, we reach a level of understanding that transcends the intellect, providing growth and development in all areas of our lives and ministries. It not only teaches us about God's will, but also guides us in all spheres - in the family, in the church and in society. The Bible is the key to the inductive method of study, offering a complete and in-depth view of spiritual truths.

And that's why the School of Biblical Studies becomes such a special experience for us. More than a simple academic exercise, EEB is a journey of discovery in the company of the Word of Life himself, Jesus! Imagine being face to face with the absolute truth. It is an opportunity to explore the Scriptures with the same passion and reverence that the psalmist expressed: "Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law." (Psalm 119:18).

By participating in EEB, we are not just enrolled in a course; we are embarking on a spiritual journey that challenges, inspires and transforms. Every word we absorb and every understanding we gain will be a spiritual treasure that will illuminate our path in unimaginable ways. Imagine living a life where God's Law is not only obeyed, but loved and followed with all your heart.

We look forward to meeting at the School of Biblical Studies, ready to delve into the depths of God's Word. May this journey be filled with incredible revelations, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with the divine.


our goal

The School of Biblical Studies uses the Inductive Method, which allows students to study the Bible in a comprehensive way. This method encourages students to delve into passages on their own, allowing for deeper understanding. After this personal analysis, students are able to relate, interpret, and apply the data appropriately.

1. Inductive Method:

The Inductive Method adopted by the School of Biblical Studies emphasizes the exclusive use of the Bible as a source of study. Students are encouraged to begin, continue, and complete their research by closely observing biblical passages, interpreting their meaning, and applying these truths to their lives. For example, when studying a verse like "Love one another" (John 13:34), students not only read but also reflect on the deeper meaning of this instruction, looking for practical ways to implement it in their daily interactions.

2. Personalized Monitoring:

Each student is assigned a dedicated tutor, whose role is to guide and support throughout the course. The tutor not only provides study assistance but also evaluates students' work. The tutor acts as a personal guide, ensuring that each student achieves maximum success in their learning. If a student is having difficulty understanding a specific concept, the tutor offers personalized guidance, helping them understand and apply that knowledge.

3 .Individualized Approach:

At the School of Biblical Studies, the focus is on personal study, not traditional classes. Students receive support that goes beyond the classroom context, providing relevant contextual, historical, geographic and literary elements. Furthermore, they are led through an exegetical and hermeneutical analysis of the text, offering them valuable insights for their personal study time. When studying a book of the Bible, such as the book of Proverbs, students receive information about the historical and cultural context of the time, as well as guidance on how to apply the wise principles found in the book in their own daily lives.

How does it work?

The School of Biblical Studies lasts approximately 10 months and 15
days. It is also divided into 3 modules:

1st module: All books of the New Testament;
2nd module: Pentateuch, Historical Books and Hebrew Poetry;

3rd module: Prophets (pre-exile, exile and post-exile) and Kings.

The school offers the student the opportunity to start school in the 1st module in
February or in the 2nd module in June. The student can also choose to do all
all three modules at once, or do just one or two, and continue at some point
another year in which that module is being offered.

student studying the bible

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