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School of Integral Formation in Freedom (Escola integral de formação de libertadores)


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Being a Christian 


School of Integral Formation in Freedom


(Escola integral de formação de libertadores)

EIFOL – School of Integral Formation in Freedom (Escola Integral de Formação de Libertadores) proposes an approach based on biblical principles and values with the aim of: Promote intelligent pastoring, contextualized with the demands of this current generation. Tooling counselors, psychologists, pastors and leaders through the Deliverance Counseling Standard. To invest in the health of the Church and its qualitative growth, promoting a solid opportunity for the restoration of leaders and pastors in difficulty. To also invest in the growth and training of people interested in counseling.

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What it includes

  • Working effectively in the Pattern of Liberation Counseling.

  • The character of being edified.

  • To be helped or restored ministerially.

  • The School takes place here at the base three times a year and is divided into two modules:



  • The Pattern of Counseling in Liberation

  • Basic concepts in liberation

  • New Birth vs. Conversion of the Soul

  • The fatherhood of God and the principle of the curse

  • Casting out demons vs. deliverance

  • Law of responsibility and law of inheritance

  • Symptoms of a curse

  • Causes of curses

  • Passivity

  • Situations that make liberation impossible


  • Divine court

  • Spiritual mapping

  • Crucifixion process

  • Restoration process

  • Evaluation process

  • Meditation from the Book of Joshua

  • Family principles

  • Loss of family ties

  • Pride structures

  • Orphanhood and abortion

  • Practical lessons - demonstration rooms


  • Personality Dynamics

  • Divine Plumb Line

  • Models of Authority

  • Self-rejection and Rebellion

  • Manipulation and Manipulators

  • Personality Restoration

  • Roots of Depression

  • Organic Causes of Depression

  • Lack of Forgiveness and Roots of Bitterness


  • Lack of objective in life

  • Sinful blood ties  

  • Links with the occult

  • Cases of disappointment and loss

  • Meditations on the book of Nehemiah

  • Counseling Rooms

  • Training for Counselors

  • Pastoral Mentoring

  • Passivity imposed by sexual perversion

Professor dando aula
Professor dando aula

EIFOL is more than a school - it is a ministry. The ministry trains leaders to understand the difficulties of the human soul and learn how to holistically bring them to light for healthy treatment. With the support of YWAM - Youth with a Mission, EIFOL has been a treatment tool for the healing and edification of many people in Brazil and around the world. More than this, EIFOL is a family, made up of brothers and friends.

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