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YWAM Contagen

For more than half a century, the heart of the Jocum Contagem campus has been beating strong in the mission of empowering students to spread the gospel message. Here at Contagem, our vision is to shape young people of all nations with a calling to global ministry. We are buzzing with excitement as we embark on the pioneering journey, exploring new frontiers and the contagious passion of our students. To realize this bold vision, we focus our efforts on three fundamental pillars: building a strong community, providing impactful training, and reaching out to the people.

our history.

In 1975, an extraordinary chapter began to be written in Contagem-MG, when the visionary couple Jim and Pamela Stier inaugurated the activities of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Brazil. Driven by a deep calling, they planted the seeds of a missionary journey that has blossomed over the years. The modest beginnings in Contagem were the starting point for what would become an impactful story of transformation and service throughout Brazil. Today, we celebrate not only the birth of this pioneering center in Contagem, but we also witness the flourishing of this vision in a decentralized structure, with 66 Offices and Missionary Training Centers, spread across all regions of the country. The seed planted in Contagem germinated and grew, becoming a vibrant network that continues to impact lives and communities throughout Brazil.

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